About a week ago my husband came home with a stray cat. She was wondering in the courtyard of the complex we dwell in and she just came up to him and started wanting attention/affection. He brought her upstairs to our apartment and the insanity ensued  We already have two female cats that don’t really get along too well but after 4 years together have learned to live with each other. Bringing in a new cat was not acceptable at all. I didn’t feel right sending her back out though so we kept her here with us where she would be well looked after till we found her owners.

The search began! We tried the S.P.C.A. we took her to the vet by our place to see if she had a chip. No chip but she had a warn out and faded tattoo. Hard to make out but they finally got it and she’s originally from a city about 45 minutes away from where we found her, or more so, where she found us. We called the vet there and gave them her tattoo number and they called the number on file. Nothing that day or the next day. We called a local “no-kill” shelter as well and they wanted to find the owner more than anything. Which is fine, it is what we wanted too but no one was coming foward for this little angel. That broke my heart.

“Miss kitty” as I called her was very sweet and gentle. She was very affectionate and highly vocal. How could anyone just abandon such a lovely girl like that? Now I’m beyond heart broken for her, I’m pissed with her owners. If you didn’t want her then put her up for adoption, not hard to do. A week passed and still nothing from anyone. Not even on Craigslist or Facebook. Eventually we decided the best thing we could do for her was find her a happy home to go to. Taking her to a shelter would have been the absolute last resort. Thankfully last night a wonderful family came by and picked her up and took her home. They have kids of their own and a elderly cat, so this will be a welcomed addition to their family I’m sure. 

It got me thinking further though about how some people can be so heartless. A friend suggested that perhaps her owners were away on holidays and although that is a plausible answer, wouldn’t any caring pet owner make sure to find someone to look after their pet if they are gone for more than a few days? I know I would. If I planned a vacation with my family I would ask friends/family to either take her for the time or come by to make sure she had food and water and some love every couple of days. Even as the “pet sitter” if you lost the pet, wouldn’t you do everything you possibly could to find the pet before the family came home? No, it was at that point I was sure that she was dumped, abandoned. 

Please, for the love of whatever God(s) you believe in, always make sure your pet is well looked after if you are not able to take your pet on holidays with you. They are after all more like family than anything are they not? They deserve to be loved and to be safe as well right? If you plan on keeping a pet, then please be a responsible pet owner. It doesn’t take much effort. If you feel you are unable to keep your pet then rather than letting it just go, find him/her a new forever home. They can bring much joy to a new family if you think your time with said pet has come to an end.

Be kind to nature and the animals that roam within.

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