Recently a friend and I had a discussion about death. He confessed that he fears it, or more so, fears the unknown. He believes there is no life after death and the thought of that being all there is and nothing more is a little unnerving. Now I’m not going to say he’s wrong. In his beliefs it’s probably right, he won’t know till he reaches that time of his life, or death.

I however do believe there is life after death. I don’t think this is all we are here for. I believe there is much more to learn, not just while you live, but after you die…so to me, once that time comes, I believe a whole new learning process will begin and that helps me to not fear it. One would think with children I would be even more afraid of leaving them alone, but I don’t fear that as well. I know I will always be with them and I know I have a lot of loving family members, both by blood and extended, that will be there for my children and will care for them if something was to happen to either my husband or I. Anything could happen, at any given time. Life on earth is a precious gift and should never be wasted. Do something worth while with it, learn from it, experience it, and if you can teach others what you have learned and experienced. Your knowledge could help someone else in the future. It is how history is made and we have learned from history not just through books, but by living.

Now in saying that, my family just recently suffered a loss. My uncle passed away on Tuesday and it has been hard on all of us. What amazed me though was watching my aunt. She was so calm and held together it impressed me. She loved him dearly and they have been together since falling in love and getting married. Both were faithful, raised 4 children, and spoiled 8 grandchildren. Very amazing people and ones I admired…so I know she loves him and misses him. Yesterday was the hardest I think, it was his funeral and everyone’s emotions were high. Knowing and believing what I do didn’t help much yesterday, I cried and I mourn him and it is hard to deal with. It shouldn’t but hey, I am human after all.

I think no matter how prepared you are, and how you feel about death and what’s in the great beyond, it will always still be hard to see someone you love and admire go. Even though you can go on knowing that “he/she will always be with you” it’s still not the same as holding them, hugging them, talking to them. Sometimes that is needed. I will miss my uncle and I do have a lot of wonderful memories of him, but I know there will be days in which I will just want to hear one of his jokes, or get a hug….

Goodbye uncle. I love you.

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