What Inspires you to be who you are? To some it may just be one thing, but to others it may be many things. For me, it definitely is many things.

My children inspire me to be the best mom I can possibly be. I love them unconditionally and that will never change. I am not always serious though with them and I think that as a parent is important. They know I’m mom and I mean business, but it’s also equally important to be silly and carefree with them every so often. Let loose and have fun. This also helps you to be one with your inner child.

Living every day and seeing the world around me is pretty inspirational too though isn’t it? There is so much to life. Not always good but it’s really not all that bad either. If you can take the time to stop and smell the roses…or just to grab a coffee and head to your favorite place to destress you too can see how amazing this life can be. Some say enjoy it seeing it’s the only one you’ll get, but I have to disagree. Only because I do believe in reincarnation and this may be the only life you have…this time round, but I do believe you will get another chance somewhere down the line. As what though, who knows. I think that all depends on how you chose to live your life during this lifetime. That’s a whole different blog though!

Let’s get back to inspirations. Music is another big one isn’t it? I can get lost in music at times. Currently I’m relaxing to some very amazing jazz music that makes me think of New Orleans. Which inspires me to do all that I can to actually get there one day! It also really does something to my soul though. I feel calm and relaxed, not to mention, inspired to write! It’s why I’m here now…lol!

There is inspiration in everything you do and see in a day. You just need to stop and listen, smell the roses, feel the grass between your toes, and just let it all wash over you. Then you will see and understand how inspirational life can truly be. I may not have the perfect life that some others may, and sure at times I may be envious of it, but then I look around me and I see my smiling children, I see my hard working husband, I see the love and support I do have from friends and family and I think I am the one of the most luckiest girls around, and all of them combined inspires me to be the best I can possibly be without having to worry about being perfect.

I even bet I have you thinking about it now too huh? If not then you should. Stop for a second and don’t read any further. What inspires you? Bet you’re smiling too now that you’ve thought of it. Now take that happy feeling and do what you’ve been inspired to do. I would love to hear all about it and hopefully I have been able to inspire you today!

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