Part 2: Animal Innocence

Part 2: Animal Innocence

Another article I read today was about a poor defenseless kitten. I don’t have a link for that one. I couldn’t “share” that on FB. I was too sickened to even attempt to. Needless to say, a moron and heartless  S.O.B threw a poor six week old kitten out of his moving car at animal activists rallying to save the Dolphins that Japan fishermen want to hunt. It wasn’t a rowdy rally, a peaceful one I’m thinking. This poor kitten hit the sidewalk hard. Broke a leg and was frantic. One of the activists picked kitty up and cradled it but in ten minutes kitty was gone.

The moron that did this then drove further down, parked his car and walked back to see how the activists would react. Who does that? OMG! I cried. Not only do I love my human children but I adore my cats. Yes, I have two very beautiful kitties. One being mine, and the other being my husband’s cat. They are the cutest most sweetest cats I have ever owned. I look at them and I remember the article about the kitten and I cringe.

I have come to the conclusion, as stated on my FB status message, that there are too many sick and twisted people on this planet. Not the loving kind of sick and twisted, like me 😉 I mean the cruel and malicious ones that need to be behind bars for life. Or in a hospital getting some serious help. I can’t understand how people could be so cruel. I just don’t understand. What are they thinking? What goes through their heads? How do they come up with ideas like this?

I know life isn’t full of cherries and it’s not all happiness and rainbows. There is always going to be a balance of good and evil in the world. I’m just at a point where I think there is more evil than good and somehow the Gods of the underworld, or the Devil, has gotten the upper hand somehow. Whatever happened to being good to your fellow humans? This is far from good. This is horrific!

Didn’t most serial killers start off by hurting animals? Is this the start of a new one? I can’t even go there. My poor mind can’t handle this right now.

Just like kids people, if you can’t take care of animals please do not buy or adopt one. They are just as innocent and deserve to be loved unconditionally by people that do want them! Don’t hurt them, don’t use them like this douche did. I hope he is found, caught, and judged to the extreme. Then I hope he’s thrown in Gen. Pop! I’ve never been in prison or county jail or anything like that. I have a clean record but from what I do know, there is very little that is tolerated in there. Abusive people that hurt innocent animals, children, and women don’t usually have it easy…and this is where I have a grin from ear to ear thinking about all the things he could possible go through for what he did to that poor kitty.

Love your fur-babies…they are a part of your family after all are they not?

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