Never Forget: 9/11

I wrote this a few years back but I don’t think the when it was written is important here…just that the words hold true for so many people. I may not be American myself but I feel that this day effected a lot of people around the world. It was a very hard day for a lot of people. Emotional, trying, a day full of fear. This is just one day I myself will never forget. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I can still remember what I was doing that morning and how I heard…do you remember what you were doing when you heard this horrific news?

In honor of this day I give you the poem I wrote…and a little graphic I designed. If you click on it you will be able see a larger view of it.

Never Forget: 9/11

I lit my candles today,
the red, white and blue.
in honor of all the families of 9/11,
remembering the brave and strong too.

So many lives were changed that day,
the entire nation stood still.
Tears of pain, anger and fear spilled,
but never breaking their will.

The will to go on,
the will to fight.
Standing their ground,
fighting well into the night.

Today let’s honor those families,
light those red, white, and blues.
Let’s all stand together united
the tried, trusted, and true.

©Marina A. Raven
September 11th, 2007


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