The Crafty Secret Santa Project

The holiday season will soon be upon us and everyone will be running around like chickens with their head’s cut off getting one thing or another done in time. You’ve probably even noticed that there are Christmas stuff out already even though we haven’t even gotten through Halloween yet! This got me thinking about how Christmas has over the years become so commercialized and everyone worries about what they’re going to buy for one family or friend or making up lists of things they would like to get for Christmas. Some do this while at least remembering there is more to Christmas than materialistic things, others sadly do not.

To me it is definitely more than just gifts. It is a time for family and loved ones. Extended family/friends included of course. It is a time to be put all animosity aside and just enjoy the festive season. I’m not Christian, but I do respect it and I know what the religious aspect of Christmas is all about and make sure my children understand it too. Of course growing up in an Islamic household as a child we were always taught to not celebrate because it is against the religion. My mother though, being the open minded woman that she is, realized that she was raising me in a western society and I would need to know these things. So we had the tree, we did the gifts, and all sorts of holiday fun type things. She also taught me what it religiously. We didn’t go to church or anything but we did respect it for what it is and tried to be charitable as well. Thinking of others and helping where we could when we could. She taught me a lot of valuable life lessons. That was just one of them.

Over the years, no matter how badly we were hurting she always found ways to make my holidays special. I have continued that tradition for my own children. When they were younger of course it was all about the presents under the tree. Now they have a better understanding that it’s not all about them and what they will get, but rather what they can give of themselves to others…and of course, about being together as a family for the holidays. Sure I’ll probably get a list of things they would like, but I’m honestly impressed with it when I see it. They’re so little and so simple, the list that is, that I know I’m not going to end up broke, or worse, Santa being broke/tired getting them those things or making them. My girls never ask for expensive things. I’m a proud momma…*smiles*.

This year I am organizing a “Crafty Secret Santa”. Those that participate will be given a name and address and they have to hand make a gift for that person and mail it. I mentioned this to my children and before I could finish explaining it they were on board and very excited. Now my kids are only 14 and 12 years of age so they will need some help, but for them to express the excitement of making something and giving it to a complete stranger just cause they can, really warmed my heart and made me smile. I think a lot of people around the world should take a page from their kids book of life at times. I hope my children will inspire others to be a part of this great event one way or another.

Wait, there is more to this story!

So, you have to MAKE a gift and send it. It doesn’t have to be overly extravagant or expensive. Of course you are responsible for the supplies you will need to make your gift and the postage to send it. It’s a wonderful way of giving back to someone, anyone. Just think about it. What has happened to you over the year that has made you feel so blessed? Did you recently get engaged? Married maybe? Did a big promotion come through? Something good happen to you and now you want to do something good for someone else? Well why not take the opportunity to do that now? In a sense, you’re “paying it forward”. Happiness can be obtained in the smallest of ways. My life may not be perfect but I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, two amazing children, and a husband that works hard. I have my riches and now I want to bring a little smile to someone’s world. I would like to see this become a worldwide event. Not just in Canada or the US…but internationally too! I think it would be a fantastic opportunity for everyone. Don’t you?

We’re going to take this up a notch now. There is this sweet little boy, he is three years old and currently living with his Grandmother. I don’t know him, and they definitely don’t know me. She’s neighbors with a friend of mine though and this is how I found out about him. I don’t know too much, but I do know that in his short three years of life he has had a rough time and a lot has gone bad in his world. This little boy, keeping in mind he is only three years old, suffers from PTSD. Being with Grandma does him good and he’ll one day be ok. He loves getting mail though and checking mail with Grandma. So for our first annual “Crafty Secret Santa” we are including a small gift for him. Everyone that participates will be asked to send him something as well. A card, a gift they wish, or just a little letter for him to know that he is thought of and loved by many. All of these things will go to my friend who will then sneak it into their mailbox when he isn’t home. This way, his personal information is kept private. I would love to see this little guy have the best Christmas ever!

Now if you’re reading this and wondering, “Where do I sign up?!?!”, please contact me privately for details and I will redirect you to the Facebook event page where you will find all the information you will need for now.

Let’s give of ourselves this season and make someone’s Holiday a memorable one!

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