Red, yellow, orange, and brown,
autumn leaves fall gently to the ground.
Season turn is here once more,
as the rain begins to pour.

Autumn sun shines big and bright,
cooler weather greets you at night.
Roaring fires to keep you warm,
during Autumn’s mighty storms.

Farmers rush to harvest their fields,
offering people what it yields.
Planting season is at its end,
until Spring arrives to start again.

Autumn festivals  begin soon too,
making sure you have lots to do.
Candy apples and ciders with spice,
cakes and pies offered by the slice.

One day soon the earth with sleep,
and you’ll hear not a sound or peep.
She will rise again when the time is right,
this beautiful world in all her might.

Goodnight green earth we’ll see you soon,
with the passing of each full moon.

M. A. Raven
(c) 2012

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