People Watching

I did something I haven’t done in such a long time and it felt FANTASTIC! The simple things amuse me often. After dropping my darling husband off at work I went to the closest park and had my lunch, but while there I people watched! It was exciting and so uplifting. I saw people of all ages. From infants, to toddlers, and kids to young adults and even the elderly. Different dynamics too. Families, couples, friends it was such a great feeling to feel that kind of Life.

I looked around at the scene before me and among the sleeping trees with no leaves where still signs of life in the green cedars that stood tall beside them or behind them. Animals scurrying around looking for food, and just the air itself felt alive. I enjoyed my day immensely! Next time I think I’ll take my camera with me and try to get there earlier. Parking was a bit of an issue but whatever. It was still a great day.

I never realized how much I actually missed doing this. Years and years ago, before marriage or children, I used to do this often. I would grab a coffee and go down to the beach or park and just sit there enjoying the peace around me. Occasionally someone would walk by and I would greet them with a smile or a hello, but most times I would just sit quietly and watch those in the distance moving around. When I was ready to come home I even detoured and took a different route home. I was in no rush and hey if I got lost along the way I wasn’t worried. I’d eventually find myself back out to where I need to get to. Took me less time actually to get home from where I was than it would have if I had stuck to the same route. I was tired of it though, I needed a change of scenery…lol!

So tell me lovely followers, when was the last time you sat somewhere and “people watched” for a little while. What did you experience? How did it make you feel? Share with me please! I would love to hear what you have to say.

Also, thank you by the way for following. I have never been able to thank you and I think you should know I appreciate you following me and I am glad I have given you something that you find interesting to read. I hope you will find future writings just as interesting! J

Enjoy your day and I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend before everything goes back to normal on Monday…LOL!

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