It’s Not Goodbye

It’s not goodbye.

You held my hand,
you taught me how to walk.
You read to me,
you taught me how to talk.

When I was sick,
you were always there.
When I was scared,
you were the only one that ever cared.

When I couldn’t sleep,
you would sing our song to me.
When I was ready to see the world,
you blessed me with your love and gave me the key.

The roles are now reversed,
and now it is my turn to care for you.
I will be there when you need me,
to this promise I will be true.

I will hold your hand,
I will read to you,
I will be there,
I will forever care.

You can no longer sing to me,
but I will sing instead.
I will help you enjoy the life you have left,
until you lay down your head.

I will never say goodbye,
please don’t ask me to.
I love you so much Momma,
that’s just something I cannot do.

It will only ever be,
Till next we meet again.

© Shay Pharand

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